In this version of the logo, an infinity symbol has been turned into a mark that represents the cycle of giving that those who join the society participate in. The symbol creates a shape reminiscent of a square cross symbol for health and care (i.e. The Red Cross). The lines emanating from the inner circle represent the people who have joined the society and their giving to the Wesley Willows community represented by the outer circle.
The R & A of Robert Ash are used to create a unique but classic monogram which sits surrounded by a red circle to create high contrast. The outer ring of lines represents the people who contribute and benefit from the society. The typography below complements and balances the mark and helps to develop an overall elegant feel.
One of the shapes from the Wesley Willows logo is refined and combined with the letter A to represent Robert Ash and to help connect the organization to Wesley Willows. The leaf shape and letterform symbolically hold each other up in order to represent how the society gives to the Wesley Willows community and how those in the Wesley Willows community can choose to join the society.
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